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Welcome! If you live in Western Arkansas or Eastern Oklahoma, or in traveling distance from these areas, and are a follower of the Druid Path, this site is for you.


We belong to a group of students of Druidism and Celtic Reconstructionism, from various organizations and orders, affiliated and independent, who have met on the Internet and wish to begin meeting in person.  Our Yahoo E-Group, ArkOkla Druids is the first step in this process.  The purpose of this group is to get to know others in the area who are of like mind, with the eventual goal of forming a Grove. 


The use of e-groups has been a wonderful tool in bringing the Druidic community into contact, but the complete practice of Druidism is at its best when those on the Path can meet, build community, offer public service, share knowledge and practice the beautiful rites of the discipline.  It is still difficult in our part of the world to make these necessary contacts.
If you are a student of Druidism in this part of the world, we invite you to join our Yahoo Group, ArkOkla Druids at:
We can make this Group list and our meetings exactly what we want them to be.   


All the beautiful graphics at this site are used with permission of the
artist, Cari Buziak at AON CELTIC ART & ILLUMINATION